New online job fair – just the job for ex-servicemen and women

New online job fair – just the job for ex-servicemen and women

Dateline: The Logistics Guild, Milton Keynes, August 2013

The Logistics Guild has (on 30th July and 6th August 2013) played its part in an innovative new way to help recruit Ex-Servicemen and women as well as those recently made redundant by the Ministry of Defence.

The online jobs fair was established by the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) to provide a platform for those seeking careers on ‘Civvy Street’ to talk to industry leaders and get advice from those who have already experienced the resettlement process. Over 8,200 people registered to attend the event. There were also opportunities for participants to attend online webinars and send their CVs directly to the people they wanted to be employed by.

The digital interaction of the day made it very easy for both the Logistics Guild team and soldiers to communicate with each other. Each online booth allowed users to either post to a central message board or privately message the professionals they wanted to speak with. This provided a smooth the process for sorting out the more complex requests.

This interaction also allowed the Logistics Guild team to sign up members very quickly and easily as well as having the opportunity to explain that as a member of the Guild, soldiers would have access to recruitment services, training and development and a variety of discounts.

The CPC course, which the Logistics Guild is currently offering to Military leaver’s gained a huge amount of interest. This driver’s qualification is vital for anybody wishing to undertake a civilian driving career and is a fantastic addition to any Military CV – giving Military leavers a further advantage over their civilian counterparts.

The feedback on the day was exceptionally positive; everybody the Logistics Guild team dealt with was very appreciative for the advice they had received. The Logistics Guild also took over 100 CVs from participants and passed them on to the Logistics Job Shop.

Rhys Davies, Guild Member and part of the Logistics Guild Team on the day said: "It was encouraging to see so many service leavers taking part and being very comfortable with the online CTP Job Fair’s advanced technology and functionality."

"The Logistics Guild area proved very popular, giving our team the opportunity to ‘digitally’ chat and advise a wide range of servicemen and women. Most interest centred on Guild Recruitment Services, Logistics Guild Membership and Guild Training and Development - particularly the Guild work placements taking place this August (which include a Driver CPC qualification at no extra cost)."

"With a five star user rating from fair participants who interacted with the Logistics Guild Team, we will continue looking forward to finding #JobsForSoldiers"

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