Link 51 Launches Trackless Mobile Shelving System

Link 51 Launches Trackless Mobile Shelving System

A new trackless mobile shelving system that promises to transform high density storage has been launched by market leader Link 51

The easy-to-install trackless system provides clear and easy access to open aisles throughout the installation. Featuring just a single guide rail attached to the floor along the wall to keep the shelving unit aligned, this design feature means the floor can be reinstated with minimum effort if the shelving needs to be relocated.

The new design removes the need for the usual fixed tracks, ensuring unobstructed aisles and easy access for trolleys or steps, as well as removing trip hazards for pedestrian users.

Simon Baugh, Link 51’s Marketing Director, said its new mobile trackless system not only offers the same excellent build quality and increased storage capacity as its standard mobile shelving systems but also multiple additional benefits making it the ideal solution in a wide range of applications.

The lack of tracks also helps the cleaning process because there are no grooves or crevices to catch and hold debris.

"This really is a flexible and robust shelving system that will suit all working environments, from offices to archives, and hospitals to food manufacturing areas and especially where hygiene is a major consideration," Simon said.

"It can also be combined with our other shelving systems to meet your exact specifications for storage, making it a welcome addition to our already extensive range of customer solutions."

Link 51 Launches Trackless Mobile Shelving System

Link 51’s trackless system complies with the European Accessibility Act and is quick and easy to install. Clients can choose from manual or mechanical operation and an electrically powered drive system will be available in due course, while its ease of accessibility for kick steps, platforms and access equipment encourages staff to comply with health and safety and manual handling regulations when accessing upper shelves. Plus, the shelving can be locked into position to restrict access and provide extra security when needed.

The shelving units are also coated with a unique BioCote© protective finish, a silver-based antimicrobial technology that reduces the risks associated with bacterial cross-contamination – a vital consideration for all public storage facilities, especially in health settings and food and drink related industries.

"We know our clients will welcome the additional benefits that our trackless system offers," explained Simon. "We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and the launch of the trackless mobile is testament to how we continuously look to develop products that really deliver benefits for our customers."

Furthermore managers working in the public sector can also procure Link 51’s trackless mobile system via the Government Procurement Service Framework Contract RM 1501/3.

Link 51, as the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of steel storage products, pallet racking, shelving and lockers, holds a four-year framework agreement with Government Procurement Service for the supply of shelving and high density storage to the UK public sector.

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