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5 Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Energy Efficient

5 Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Energy Efficient

During the recent climate change talks in Paris, world leaders signed an ambitious and legally-binding agreement to limit global warming to well below 2C. We live in a world of melting ice caps and carbon footprints, and corporations certainly have renewed responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment.


Saving energy not only reduces carbon emissions, it also saves money – With that in mind, here’s five tips for running environmentally-friendly warehouses:


1. Get the right Light


These days it’s common for warehouses to have some form of lighting sensor or timer installed, ensuring that no energy is wasted when the building is empty. There are many products on the market that are easy to install and promise to be a worthwhile investment.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is very advanced, achieving fantastic efficiencies and much longer lifespans than traditional HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs, usually found in older warehouses. Some companies claim that energy bills can be reduced by 70-80% when upgrading to modern systems, with the initial cost also qualifying for bursaries from the government.


Simply painting walls white is also an effective way of boosting light, acting as a reflective canvas to naturally brighten the room.


2. Go High


Making the most of available space is an obvious route to becoming more efficient. Vertical warehousing can reclaim vast overhead space, and modern machinery is adept to working at great heights. However this can create more challenges for operators when managing the dynamic mast oscillations created by such higher lift heights. For example damage to the rack, the truck itself or displace the load behind making it difficult to retrieve goods efficiently or causing loads to fall.


Linde Material Handling presents a new intelligent operator-assist system for reach trucks - Linde’s Dynamic Mast Control system. The system automatically compensates for mast oscillations and deflection through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage. With a minimal use of additional battery energy, this system minimises waiting times and allows operators to store pallet loads faster, more accurately and with greater safely as well as reducing damage to trucks, racking and loads.


Linde’s Dynamic Mast Control system for reach trucks


Growing companies can avoid relocation costs and reduce transportation needs by simply maximising storage space in current facilities.


3. Slotting optimisation


Positioning goods in the best possible place can potentially reduce warehouse travel time by a huge 35%. Generally, it makes sense to locate best-selling items close to the loading bay, and put items which are frequently sold together next to each other. It’s also wise to locate heavy items close to the door, as added weight puts greater strain on transport machinery – you don’t want to be making arduous trips to the back of the building.


Not only does slotting optimisation ensure that employees become more productive, it has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear to Forklifts, subsequently lowering your maintenance bills. Talking of which...


5 Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Energy Efficient

4. Material Handling Maintenance


Stacking, storage, picking and transportation machinery certainly clock up the miles, and having regular material handling maintenance checks will help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, reducing costs and possible environmental impacts.


Maintenance and repair is key to sustainability


Extending the lifespan of your vehicles is a factor to saving money and staying energy efficient.


5. Monitor Your Usage


If you find yourself questioning energy bills, then you should make enquiries into monitoring technology, allowing you to track usage on an instantaneous, second-by-second basis. These innovations allow you to pinpoint exactly where and when your money is being spent.


Evaluating your energy usage can help you form a strategic plan for more efficient operations, and putting these steps into practice can help boost your green credentials – something that customers are increasingly taking very seriously.


This article was authored by Linde Aftersales.


For more information on the service and maintenance of Linde machinery, please visit LindeAftersales.co.uk

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